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X12 EDI 867

What is an EDI 867 Product Transfer & Resale Report?

The EDI 867 Product Transfer & Resale Report has several functions for both buyers and sellers. It provides information about a product that has been transferred to a new location, or it can report the sales of a product from several different locations. It also reports returns from customers to a distribution center/retail location or to report demand that surpassed sales.

How is EDI 867 Used?

The 867 transaction set is used in many industries. Particularly, retailers use it to communicate with their suppliers about the sales of their products. It can also be used by manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and utility companies. Co-ops or distributors can use it for promotional tracking in conjunction with purchases made by retailers and others.

The transaction set can also be used to report:

  • Information about transferred products
  • Product sales to an end customer
  • Product sales to an end customer, and demand lost orders.

The EDI 867 may be distributed by either the buyer or seller.

EDI 867 Benefits

Both the sender and the receiver benefit from implementing the EDI 867.

  • More timely, complete and accurate purchase reporting for both parties
  • Standardized sending/receiving of key reports, all in the same format
  • Easy audit trails for resolving conflicts and errors
  • Less paperwork volume and increased operating efficiencies through faster information exchange between both parties

Key Data Elements You'll Find in a Product Transfer & Resale Report:

  • Organization identification information (ship from/ship-to)
  • Transaction totals regarding line items, their weight, and other units of measure
  • Product transfer & resale detail, such as quantity, product identifiers, purchase order, contract identifiers, and type codes

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