Centralized, Automated MFT Logging

MFT Capabilities for Audit Trails and Data Governance

Gain total visibility into your file transfers, data movements, and access logs. Enable continuous process improvement and simplify compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and more.

Electronic Data Interchange with ArcESB

Comprehensive MFT Visibility

ArcESB MFT provides deep visibility into every file transfer activity so you can easily see exactly which files are sent, where they're going, who's accessing them, and more.

Satisfy Partner EDI Requirements

Audit Logs

Logs provide detailed, audit-ready records for all file service activity and workflow processes. Get real-time insight into activity in all clients and servers (AS2, FTP/S, HTTPS, SFTP, etc.).

Scalable and Affordable EDI

Admin API for Data Exploration

Our admin API makes it easy to query metadata from all ArcESB file transfers. Filter by date, time, user ID, protocol, and dozens of factors. Log users, security settings, and more.

Automate Integration with Back End Systems

Generate & Schedule Reports

Create detailed reports on file transfer activity, user stats, and completed jobs. Create & schedule automated reports on data from CSV, Excel, XML, JSON, and other files.

Compliance and Analytics Simplified

Flexible, scalable capabilities for comprehensive visibility & audit compliance

Managed File Transfer with ArcESB
  • Search all logs from one central admin API.
  • Filter results based on date ranges, specific users, severity, etc.
  • Conveniently distribute reports automatically.
  • Easily generate report PDFs.
  • Export logs for viewing in Excel and other applications.
  • Schedule reports to run at future dates & times.
  • Easily track and troubleshoot errors.
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Audit Logs

Get logs for all major types of activity to ease compliance with data privacy regulations and gain total insight into errors troubleshooting.

Application Access Logs

Log all requests made to ArcESB resources and errors encountered with an authorized user access log and a general error log.

Transaction Logs

Get comprehensive, detailed information about all communications with every connector - every instance of every connector used in ArcESB.

Web Server Logs

Use web server logs for direction and help in diagnosing connectivity problems and web server issues - compatible with many servers.