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by arcesb | December 18, 2017

Upload Email Attachments to Dropbox

Download attachments received in your email account and upload them to a Dropbox cloud storage account.

Download Flow

The Upload Email Attachments to Dropbox sample flow has pre-configured connectors for receiving emails, downloading any enclosed attachments, and uploading them to Dropbox. The following connectors make up the core elements of the flow:

You can modify the automation settings for each connector in its Automation tab, or you can manually process each step in the workflow using the Send button in the connector's Input tab. You can schedule the application to poll Email Receive for new data from the Email Receive Connector's Automation tab, or you can manually receive data by using the Receive button from its Output tab.

If you would like to use this sample flow in your workspace, please follow these instructions:

Importing Workspace

Create Workspace

First, navigate to the Flows tab and click on the cogwheel icon in the top right corner. Choose the Create Workspace option to create a new Workspace for this sample flow.

Import Workspace

Then, from the same cogwheel dropdown, click Import Workspace. In the resulting dialog, choose the downloaded sample flow emaildropboxexport.arcflow to import the relevant connectors and settings. You can choose to import the flow into any Workspace you like, but we recommend using separate Workspaces for distinct workflows.

Once you have successfully imported the sample flow, you can begin configuring the connectors to best suit your specific use case.

Email Receive Connector

Connect to your IMAP Server & Test the Connection

Navigate to the Settings tab of the Email Receive Connector. In order to access your emails and the attachments, you must authenticate against the email server by providing the necessary IMAP connection properties. These are different for each email server, and they can generally be found in your email account settings, under options such as IMAP Access.

Click the Test Connection button to verify that you can connect to your IMAP server from ArcESB.

Dropbox Connector

Connect to Dropbox & Test the Connection

Navigate to the Settings tab of the Dropbox Connector. In order to establish a connection with Dropbox, you must click the Connect button, which will take you to Dropbox login page. Enter your account credentials and authorize Dropbox to securely share your data with ArcESB.

Once you configure the these connectors, the sample flow is ready for use!

Upload Email Attachments to Dropbox

Are You Up & Running?

If the answer is yes, congratulations for successfully configuring the Upload Email Attachments to Dropbox sample flow! However, if you are confronted by any issues or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.