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Sample Flows - csv

A Library of Pre-Packaged Integration Flows
Connecting Your Apps and Trading Partners.

Application Integration

You can connect to a large variety of data sources with our application connectors such as the Cloud Data Connector. The following integrations use such connectors to automatically trigger the flow of data from one application to another.

Bulk Export Opportunities from Salesforce

Retrieve all opportunities from Salesforce, translate them into a readable XML format, and store them in a single CSV file.

Bulk Import Opportunities to Salesforce

Translate incoming CSV files into a readable XML format, and insert each record into the Leads table in Salesforce.

Import CSV Contacts to Salesforce

Import CSV files storing contact information and store them in the Contacts table in Salesforce.

Export Records from MySQL to CSV

Fetch all records from a MySQL database and store that information in CSV files.