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Sample Flows - amazon

A Library of Pre-Packaged Integration Flows
Connecting Your Apps and Trading Partners.

EDI Integration

We offer several connectors that support EDI mapping and translation along with Drummond-Certified secure file transfer. The following projects use those connectors to seamlessly integrate EDI documents with a variety of applications and databases.

Amazon Direct Fulfillment EDI to SQLite

Communicate with Amazon Fulfillment using a range of EDI documents generated from a backend SQLite database.

Amazon Direct Fulfillment EDI to MySQL

Receive 850s from Amazon and map information to a MySQL database. Query it to generate outgoing EDI documents.

Amazon Direct Fulfillment EDI to SQL Server

Send 810s, 846s, 855s, and 856s to Amazon Fulfillment and integrate incoming order information into SQL Server.

Amazon Direct Fulfillment EDI to Oracle

This sample flow showcases end-to-end integration from an Oracle database to EDI communication with Amazon.

Amazon Direct Fulfillment EDI to NetSuite

Integrate incoming 850s directly into NetSuite, and query data from the application to generate 810s, 855s, and 846s.

Amazon Direct Fulfillment EDI to QuickBooks Online

Receive 850s and automatically push them into QuickBooks. Poll the application for data to generate invoices and more.