BMW Brilliance

BMW Brilliance Streamlines Logistics with ArcESB OFTP Connector to Key Supplier

BMW is one of the most iconic car brands in the world, and the company led international luxury car sales for a decade (2007 - 2016). In 2017 alone, BMW sold more than 305,000 vehicles; this amounted to revenue of more than $113 billion. This number includes more than $14 billion in revenue from cars sold through the BMW Brilliance alliance.

Founded in May 2003, BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. is a joint venture between BMW and a major financial and automotive partner. Its operations include production, R&D, sales, after-sales services, and purchasing of BMW automobiles. BMW Brilliance has a state of the art production base, which has an extensive sales and service network.

BMW Brilliance relies on a particular supplier for efficient, end to end supply chain solutions ranging from import and export trade to land transport, warehousing, and distribution.

The Challenge: Automating Business Processes with OFTP

When BMW Brilliance sought to automate business processes in order to improve its supply chain, capture efficiencies, and drive cost savings, the company looked to bring more suppliers into its EDI messaging processes.

To meet the requirements of one of the most important customers, BMW Brilliance's end to end logistics supplier set out to integrate OFTP connectivity with the BMW Brilliance logistics system. This would ultimately help the logistics firm standardize daily work, meet management goals, and improve overall supply efficiency. The solution should instantly feed logistics information back to BMW's system while providing an easy to use interface design that makes deployment and configuration easy.

The Solution: A Robust, Seamless OFTP Integration

The robust logistics provider opted to leverage ArcESB for OFTP capabilities. ArcESB provides a high performance, reliable, and fully scalable product that simplifies the process of producing, consuming, and integrating data. It's a simple and effective middleware that helps users efficiently transfer information and integrate solutions without added complexity.

ArcESB, officially certified by Odette, fully supports SSL, encryption, signature, and compression. It securely handles all data transmissions, enabling automated integration between BMW Brilliance and its logistics partner.

The integration works as follows:

  1. Received document EDI data (waybill information) is parsed, stored in an intermediate database, and displayed through the logistics partner's system management interface.

  2. The supplier can then automatically begin logistics delivery based on the waybill information. Then, the logistics information management interface is added to the OFTP Connector. Now, the logistics status information can be changed through the interface, and the corresponding data is added to the intermediate database. Next, an EDI file is generated and sent to BMW.

  3. The EDI message standard required by BMW Brilliance is the VDA standard. The EDI document issued by BMW Brilliance to its partners is the waybill that BMW sends.

  4. The EDI documents received by BMW Brilliance are delivered to the logistics partner, which instantly feeds back logistics information to BMW Brilliance.

The Results: Efficiency in the Supply Chain

The direct connection of EDI to BMW Brilliance via ArcESB OFTP saves time and money for both BMW Brilliance and its partner. The integration improves supply chain efficiency and reduces inaccuracies from human error in the process.

The seamless integration of ArcESB with the logistics partner's ERP system provides the perfect solution for safety, efficiency, reliability, and low-cost EDI connectivity.