by ArcESB Marketing | September 14, 2021

New Shopify Connectivity for ArcESB

At CData, we talk a lot about digital transformation, cloud migration, and cloud adoption. A critical component for many organizations' digital transformation journey is embracing e-commerce retail solutions. E-commerce platforms can expand a company's customer base and sales reach, streamline product and service delivery, and increase flexibility and mobility for sales teams.

As e-commerce becomes the standard, B2B and B2C retailers are feeling the pressure to not only move their operations online, but also support and delight customers enitrely new ways. Online customers are increasingly demanding a smooth buying experience, including a vast inventory, quick and transparent fulfillment processes, and minimized shipping delays. Rapidly changing market conditions and shifting buyer preferences present unique challenges and opportunities for retailers, manufacturers, and distributors.

Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform that allows retailers to easily set up an online store and sell their products online. The new Shopify Connector for ArcESB combines our trusted and reliable EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) processes with Shopify to keep digital store fronts and back-end systems aligned.

With CData ArcESB, businesses can automate processes for inventory management, shipping notification, and a lot more.

How Does the Shopify Connector Work?

The new Shopify Connector integrates your EDI automation with your online storefront through the Shopify API, enabling better business processes like shipping notification and inventory management.

With the Shopify Connector and ArcESB, buyers, sellers, and suppliers can place and receive orders and send shipping notifications via an automated, traceable, and transparent EDI process. For example, when an organization requires EDI transactions with line-item and customer information for drop shipping, ArcESB automatically collects customers' orders from Shopify. While continually receiving orders, ArcESB sends scheduled purchase orders to your supplier that include all of the information needed to fulfill the order.

ArcESB sits between an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and Shopify, keeping the data between the two systems in sync. As ArcESB receives orders, the ERP is automatically updated to mirror the current status of products in stock and the appropriate billing and accounting systems are notified for invoicing.

With real-time synchronization, product, sales, and supply chain teams are able to make optimized decisions with the most accurate data possible, helping to drive business and keep customers, suppliers, and business leaders fully informed across every step of a purchase. Thanks to our drag-and-drop visual workflow designer, all of the business processes involving Shopify can be built and managed by any stakeholder in the business, letting every user focus on those tasks that help drive and grow the business.

The new Shopify integration point in ArcESB ensures that online retailers keep critical business data up-to-date and consistent across their Shopify store fronts and all of their business partners – ensuring a world-class experience for their end customers.

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