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  • FHIR: Modernized Healthcare EDI

    by ArcESB Marketing | June 09, 2021

    Enterprise organizations constantly push for ways to modernize and streamline their data movement. EDI standards (e.g. ANSI X12, HL7) have long been the dominant paradigm for data modeling and communication within the healthcare industry, but a new data standard developed by HL7 International has a... [read more]

  • X12 vs. EDIFACT: a Complete Rundown

    by ArcESB Marketing | April 12, 2019

    EDI offers many different document types. The most common are ANSI ASC X12 (X12) and UN/EDIFACT (EDIFACT). The two standards are quite similar, differing primarily in their use cases and terminology. Here are the differences and similarities between these two popular EDI document formats. Use Cases... [read more]