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  • Secure Alternatives to FTP

    by ArcESB Marketing | October 03, 2019

    Teams today constantly send files to other members of their team or to outside trading partners over FTP. These files may contain sensitive customer financial data, health information, or even personal identification data, such as Social Security Numbers. As regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI and... [read more]

  • SFTP Client Software - Bringing Enterprise SFTP to Everyone

    by ArcESB Marketing | September 25, 2019

    If you re looking for an enterprise-class solution for safeguarding file transfer using the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol but have a limited budget, look no further. ArcESB is now offering our SFTP Core enterprise client software for free. We wanted to make this available to the broader community bec... [read more]

  • RSSBus Connect is Now ArcESB

    by ArcESB Marketing | September 16, 2019

    Enterprise-Class Integration, Still Built on Simple Services What s in a name? It s a question we have been thinking about over the course of 2019. Meaning, a sense of direction and company mission, novelty, customer familiarity and comfort — there are as many answers to that question as there are ... [read more]

  • Not Just a Rebrand: New Unlimited MFT & EDI Packages

    by ArcESB Marketing | September 16, 2019

    Not Just a Rebrand: New Unlimited MFT EDI Packages We re proud to announce RSSBus Connect is now ArcESB . The new name reflects the many technological innovations that we ve brought to our product since launching in 2006. And it gives us the opportunity to align our product more closely with your go... [read more]

  • 3 Strategies for Integrating EDI with Back-End Systems

    by ArcESB Marketing | September 02, 2019

    Once you exchange an EDI message with your trading partners, you ll want to keep a record of the transaction in one or more back-end systems. You may want to store purchase orders in your ERP, add invoices to your accounting system, subtract order information from your inventory system, or notify y... [read more]