X12 Connector

The X12 Connector can generate X12 files from XML and also generate XML from X12 files.

The X12 Connector ships with the latest version of ArcESB.


The Benefits of X12

  • ASC X12 (Accredited Standards Committee X12) is the U.S. national standards body for the development and maintenance of EDI standards.
  • ASC X12 sponsors a growing collection of X12 schemas for health care, insurance, government, transportation, finance, and more.
  • Quickly and easily exchange documents such as invoices, purchase orders, and payment orders with your EDI trading partners.
  • Automatically convert messages from X12 to XML, generate acknowledgements, and perform schema validation.
  • Achieve results from integration projects in minutes by removing the time, cost, and hassle of custom development.

Key Features

  • Seamless conversion between X12 and XML.
  • Validate interchange headers and convert the X12 document into XML with no coding.
  • Automatic message receipt, integrated X12 syntax validation, and flexible error handling.
  • Acknowledgments (TA1, 997, 999, etc.) can be automatically generated and processed by the application.
  • Powerful mapping to all types of data and file formats.
  • Easy-to-use tool for EDI mapping and translation.

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