SCP Connector

Move files between ArcESB and remote SSH servers using Secure Copy.

The SCP Connector ships with the latest version of ArcESB.


The Benefits of SCP

  • Secure data transmissions with your trading partners by creating an encrypted tunnel between two computer systems using SSH.
  • Leverage the web: if you can share data securely via the web, you already the infrastructure required for SCP.
  • Unlimited MFT - unlimited connections at an affordable price with no limitations on transaction sizes.
  • Achieve results from integration projects in minutes by removing the time, cost, and hassle of custom development.
  • Build workflows using hundreds of multifaceted connectors.

Key Features

  • SSH-Enabled Secure File Transfer (SCP).
  • Password, Public Key, and Multif-Factor Authorization.
  • Strong 3DES Encryption
  • Message Integrity Checking
  • Secure Secret Key Exchange
  • FIPS 140-2 Validated Cryptography
  • Remote Folder specifications and file mask for downloads.
  • Drag-and-drop interface for configuring workflows.
  • Streamline transfers through scheduling, triggers, and conditions.
  • and much more...

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