Oracle DB Connector

Upsert data into or query data from an Oracle DB using XML input and output templates.

Download the Oracle DB connector below to add it to ArcESB.

Download Connector Documentation
Version: 20.0.7580

The Benefits of Oracle DB

  • Integrate your Oracle database directly with the rest of your business processes.
  • Upsert data to or extract data from tables, custom object, and more in Oracle.
  • ArcESB can connect to numerous database servers including SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, DB2, PostgreSQL, and many more using an ODBC, JDBC, or ADO.NET driver.
  • Retrieve records from tables using an intuitive output mapping designer that allows you to choose tables, fields, column headings, and other such criteria without using any SQL.
  • Read data from popular file formats such as CSV, JSON or XML and upsert that into database tables using a visual input mapping designer.

Key Features

  • Highly flexible mapping configuration enables XML data processing to insert data to one or more Oracle tables.
  • Process incoming messages into your Oracle database in real-time.
  • Create new outbound messages from your Oracle database based on a query that is automatically set to a polling interval
  • Efficient use of transactions ensures data is updated simultaneously into your database
  • Easy-to-use XML templates dictate the format of inbound and outbound data to Oracle.
Download Connector Documentation
Version: 20.0.7580

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