OFTP Connector

The OFTP Connector is a full-featured OFTP2 implementation that has been tested certified interopperable by Odette.

The OFTP Connector ships with the latest version of ArcESB.


The Benefits of OFTP

  • Onboard trading partners and set up automatic file transfers within minues.
  • OFTP is extremely efficient, allowing large transmission windows to be utilised whilst incorporating file restart, data compression and security.
  • Routing capability allows messages to travel via a number of third party intermediaries such as clearinghouses.
  • Supports multiple communications sessions within or across international boundaries.
  • Removes any need for knowledge about the remote computer system.

Key Features

  • Odette OFTP Certified Interoperability.
  • Secure Odette FTP (OFTP) V2 File Transfer and Messaging with support for OFTP Versions 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, and 2.0.
  • Automatic Certificate Exchange - Automatically send and receive certificates to/from trading partners.
  • Routing - Usable as a routing gateway between Odette FTP endpoints or as an endpoint.
  • Strong Certificate Validation - Restrict authentication to certificates issued by a Certificate Authority listed in Odette's trusted list.

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