DataRobot Connector

The DataRobot Connector supports the transfer of data to and from DataRobot, enabling real-time business intelligence for the modern enterprise.

Download the DataRobot connector below to add it to ArcESB.

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The Benefits of DataRobot

  • Access an automated machine learning platform to make smarter business decisions.
  • Solve complex business problems faster by implementing machine learning models.
  • Transform into an AI-driven enterprise buy embedding AI in all business processes.
  • Empower your existing team to build and utilize Artificial Intelligence.
  • Get more projects done in less time.

Key Features

  • Send datasets to DataRobot and gain human-friendly insights from a trained data model.
  • Receive JSON files that showcase prediction values based on input data sets and predictive data models.
  • Each connector can access a single deployment, and multiple connectors can be used to leverage more than one deployment.
  • Connect a powerful machine learning platform directly to your business process workflows.
  • Automate sending files to and receiving them from Data Robot to optimize enterprise processes.
Download Connector Documentation
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