AS4 Connector

Drummond Certified Connector for AS4 Exchange. AS4 is designed to connect, deliver, validate, acknowledge, and securely transmit data across the Internet.

The AS4 Connector ships with the latest version of ArcESB.


The Benefits of AS4

  • AS4 is widely used - ENTSOG, PEPPOL, e-CODEX, EPREL, JEITA, ATA, and Superstream Pensions are just a few examples of instituitions that use the protocol.
  • A payload agnostic protcol, AS4 supports compression, SOAP enveloping, encryption, and security tokens, with non-repudiatiin features similar to those of AS2.
  • Reliably exchange confirmations to ensure one-time delivery and receive proof via and MDN receipt.
  • Achieve results from integration projects in minutes by removing the time, cost, and hassle of custom development.
  • Build workflows using hundreds of multifaceted connectors.

Key Features

  • Secure AS4 File Transfer and Messaging.
  • Compatible with ENTSOG AS4 and e-SENS AS4 profiles.
  • Enables push and pull messaging from either connected partner.
  • Digital Certificate Creation and Management.
  • Support for SSL Client Authentication.
  • FIPS 140-2 Validated Cryptography.
  • Pre- and post-processing events including configurable email event notifications.
  • and much more...

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