We have spent the better part of 2019 reviewing every aspect of our business, from the connections we offer to the way we support our customers and, yes, the name on our company offices and t-shirts.

Launched in 2006 as a Really Simple Service Bus, our goal has always been to simplify the way our customers connect applications and automate processes. We designed a general-purpose solution that connects or can easily connect to every system, data, or information source of any significance. One that embraces simplicity. One that can be used by small organizations with few IT assets, little-to-no professional development tools, and no professional programmers. One that empowers ordinary business users to take control of their data, and does not require the title of 'Architect' or 'Developer' to use.

Our engineering team has worked tirelessly toward this goal, and we are proud of what we have been able to achieve. From humble beginnings to powering integration across some of the world's largest supply chains - our journey thus far has been amazing.

Over the last 10 years, the integration landscape has changed dramatically. The emergence of protocols like RSS & Atom helped pave the way for a new focus on simplicity and loose coupling. Organizations have evolved and changed the way that they design integrations and messaging systems. IT transitioned from rigid, complex messaging protocols like SOAP, to flexible architectures based on lightweight RESTful services.

We have stayed at the forefront of this evolution, delivering a product that supports leading edge integration technologies like microservices, containerization, and cloud deployments. Yet the 'RSS' in RSSBus still anchors many users to innovations that are more than a decade old. Ultimately, we have realized that our product and company name no longer reflects the leading-edge technologies that we deliver.

Today, we are excited to announce our new product and company name - ArcESB.

ArcESB is our take on the modern Enterprise Service Bus. One that combines the powerful messaging and connectivity features of an ESB, without the trappings of a 'classic' monolithic architecture. Instead, ArcESB provides the ease of use afforded by no-code, drag & drop integration and delivers it with a modular, agile, microservices design. It can serve as a focal point for business operations or work independently, in concert with other integrations.

Through the years, we have grown into one of the leading managed file transfer (MFT) and electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions. We have discovered our customers have more diverse use cases today than ever before, and ArcESB reflects that. This change gives us the opportunity to more effectively focus our solutions to serve your evolving needs.

The simple Arc has powered connectivity for thousands of years. It is fundamental geometry that lends strength to bridges and provides the bedrock of enduring architecture. Like the Arc, ArcESB delivers strength through simplicity - connectivity designed to last.